We offer a wide range of exceptional Northern White sand products, perfectly suited to your specific needs.

Superior Shape Characteristics

Northern White frac sand is renowned for its sphericity, ultimate conductivity and permeability.


Northern Industrial Sands thoroughly attrition scrubs all products prior to shipping to insure low turbidity and minimal free dust. This process creates sand with superb proppant performance and protects worker health during transloading and at the wellhead. Ultra-clean sand is safer and easier to transport & store.

High Percentage of 20/40 Sand

A premium blend of Northern White sand delivers unparalleled fracturing efficiency. The unique deposit of Northern White sand at Northern Industrial Sands has plentiful amounts of 20/40 mesh sand to serve your needs.

Ultimate Strength

Each grain of Northern White sand is incredibly strong. Microscopic photography displays clean grains, free of cracking, structural defects and deleterious materials.